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Add tents to your online platform or website. Wholesale tents are available for dropship! Start selling things people need. Camping gear is a HOT category. Sleeping bags, Tents, Fire Starters, Knifes, Cooking Utensils, Propane Stoves, CB Radios, Survival Products and more are available for your camping business to sell. Buy wholesale from USA based distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers. You will need a tax id to participate. Connect with our group of USA based wholesale camping gear distributors quickly and effectively. Drop shipping is provided so you won’t have to stock any camping merchandise at your location.

Tents are a great online seller. Your business can now sell quality tents from US warehouses. Better brand names are available to your business than over seas connections. Delivery time is much faster as well. There are no language barriers or time zone barriers. Currency is dollars, no currency barrier to overcome. Wholesale tents dropship services are available to US based dealers only.

Sleeping bags go right along with the tents! Add sleeping bags to your online platform. Everyone loves camping. Start selling things people want and need. Tents are needed by families, organizations, military, corporations, schools, universities etc. Your tent business can benefit from large scale orders from these type of groups. Discounts are available below wholesale for large scale orders. Our group of camping gear distributors and dropshippers are the most respected in the camping gear business!

Other camping gear products that you can sell are: Binoculars, CB radios, Blankets, Boots, Hats, Survival Food, Flares, Signal Horns, 2 way radios, jackets, socks, fire starters, propane stoves, BBQ’s, Mosquito Nets & More. You will need to provide a business license or tax id to each supplier in our group. This is real wholesale & dropship from trusted US based wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesale drop shippers.

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No need to stock a bunch of camping merchandise! Dropshipping is provided. Start selling tents online or through any type of storefront.


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